Values, Core Principles, Approach

As a firm, VOLVOX, Inc., we are very aware of the increasing turbulence and unpredictability that organizations and companies today are experiencing – and that managing changeability is the new survival skill.  Recognizing this need, in 1991 we designed the first organizational simulation to expand business acumen for successful creation of solutions to these challenges.   Our learning laboratory, Chaos, Inc.™ is custom-tailored for every client to provide a hands-on, real-time engagement for organizations to think together creatively about their preferred future.

For organizations whose challenges are currently couched in relative stability, VOLVOX, Inc. can assist you to expand and build on your success.   VOLVOX has significant capability in strategic enhancement for organizations that must interface with – but are not yet themselves subject to – the rapid changes going on around the globe.

Our approach to organizations is to address the “whole-system” as well as each critical embedded component.  We work across divisions and business units to synthesize business goals into fully functioning business results.   We guide new initiatives and teams to solid, productive ground.  We partner with you to propel well-established efforts to high performance.   We are experts at the most difficult teams – the crucible for success in the new environment – virtual teams, executive teams, integrated process/product teams, customer/supplier teams.  We have been successful in galvanizing loose federations of skeptical managers into excited, creative, and dynamic leadership teams.  Finally, we provide the best and most current performance management techniques, so that you can measure your business results with confidence and organizational support.

We establish effective enterprise communications systems to mobilize your entire organization into a cohesive, strategically guided enterprise.  We provide capability in resolving obstacles and stimulating ingenuity.  We have unique skills in forging durable and innovative partnerships with customers, vendors, strategic business alliances, and other partners in your value chain.

VOLVOX, Inc., is dedicated to collaboration, and act as partners in consultation with you to achieve defined business goals.  We assure you that we will design solutions with you for lasting — rather than “quick-fix” — solutions.  We pride ourselves on providing you with honesty and objectivity in your own best interests.  We promise to inform you fully of anything that may emerge during an engagement with critical impact on your effort, whether it is an economic or market change, a new technology development, key policy change, or other factors.   We believe that your resource investments require our best in terms of candor and honest dialogue that provides the best expertise and advice that we can give.

Whatever your needs, as a small firm we value each client’s uniqueness.  We guarantee you our closest attention, responsiveness, and highest quality services and products for every engagement.