Corporate Capabilities

Due to breadth of expertise offered by VOLVOX, Inc., we are able to offer an unusually extensive range of services for a small firm.  VOLVOX leaders focus on maintaining first-order proficiencies.  To that end, we regularly participate in professional activities, present at regional and national professional conferences, and undertake advanced professional education in our current and emerging areas of specialty.


Real-time strategic design for business success

Corporate Vision, Mission, Values, and Purposes Analysis  – Environmental Scan and Stakeholder Integration – Formulation of Business Goals and Value Chain Strategy (SWOT Analysis) – Vertical and Horizontal Strategy Development – Identification of Target Markets – Innovative Marketing Techniques – Corporate/Divisional Business Strategy and Implementation

Leadership for turbulent times
High Performance Leadership Teams – Negotiation of Partnerships/Employee Agreements – Performance Planning – Creation of Enterprise Leadership Development Systems — Executive Coaching and Development – Leadership Assessments

Forging sustainable agreements and resolutions
Corporate Strategy Sessions – Collaborative Partnerships and Alliances — Technology Mediation – Negotiated Interest-Based Decisions –– Resolution of Competence for Executives and Staff – Agreement Management Systems Design

Maturing team performance
Executive and Board Retreats – Team Enhancement Offsites – Coaching for Accelerated Performance – Building Capability for Self-Organizing Teams – Systems Design for Effective Team Interfaces – Integrated Process/Product Teams – Government/Supplier Team Integration  

Facilitation of multiple stakeholders to unified purpose
Customer Relationship Management – Customers as Partners – Requirements Definition and Synthesis – Facilitation of Task Forces and Inter-Agency Conferences – Support for Spiral Development and Xtreme Programming Software Development – Design of Enterprise Resolution Systems

Change management – and management of changeability
Complex Adaptive Systems Development – Organizational Transformation – Enterprise Future Search Conferences – Technology Change Management – Interim and Crisis Management – Turnaround Consulting – Alignment of Corporate Purpose and Culture

Enterprise communications strategy and operations
Knowledge Management Systems Evolution – Enterprise Communications Assessment – Design and Implementation of Communications Strategy and Systems – Strategic Communications Alignment – Enterprise Feedback and Dialogue Mechanisms

Publications -include books, monographs, articles, research reports, white papers, and educational materials for professional, executive, technical, and team performance.