Company Profile

VOLVOX, Inc., is a professional services firm based in Northern Virginia that engages with clients in meeting their unfolding business challenges and opportunities.   Integrating order with adaptability, VOLVOX, Inc., applies principles of living systems to greater success for business organizations.  To do this, VOLVOX, Inc., balances commitment to quality discipline with encouragement of natural creative development and innovation.

With over five decades of combined business experience, the VOLVOX, Inc. business portfolio encompasses widely varied industry, government, and trade associations.   At the same time, VOLVOX, Inc. is unflinching in the face of unprecedented situations.

We were pioneers in designing DoD/military/intelligence community Information Technology knowledge-sharing from battlespace to garrison.   We have integrated a fast-track multi-store retail company into a cohesive, collaborative enterprise.  We provided a multinational company with innovative communications techniques that enabled creative and yet uniform processes across the company.

We were among the first to lead high performance government agency strategic planning.  We led a University to its first inter-divisional executive team.   We regularly partner with other firms to achieve complex goals for systems under duress.

And we are literal innovators in applying models of chaos science and complex adaptive systems to organizational life.  We are co-designers of the breakthrough interactive simulation workshop, Chaos, Inc.™, in which organizations model their real-life experiences of turbulence and unpredictability – and then take the unusual next step to reflect on these experiences and create more resilient organizations, strategies, plans, and operational processes.

These assets allow VOLVOX, Inc., to collaborate with you in planning robust whole-enterprise solutions. We stand ready to foster strategic and innovative growth, while attending to business needs for survival, competitiveness, and collaboration that we understand are very real for organizations.