Fractal Organizational Dynamics Stacking
Professional Services in Organizational Dynamics, Strategy and Media

Adapt, Grow and Change

chart_barVOLVOX, Inc., is a professional services firm that promotes organizational capability to adapt, grow, and change.    We collaborate with companies and government agencies in their evolutionary journeys to be adaptable, agile, and resilient.  Business dreams become practical realities.  Yesterday’s answers are supplanted by today’s better solutions.  Success becomes sustainable.

“The connection between business and biology is beginning to permeate our culture…with ecosystems and evolution as metaphors from which business should learn…in fact, the living world is an exemplary design model for business.”
— Thomas Petzinger, The New Pioneers

Living Organism

globe_3The living organism, VOLVOX, is a natural system, one of the earliest forms of collaborative life, a community of independent cells that choose cooperation to sustain life.  VOLVOX forms globes that spin toward sources of light for energy and survival, and create new life as offshoots.

“We are learning that there is more than one way to organize functional systems, to produce order and balance; that the imperfect and flexible principles of nature lead to greater stability and resilience in natural systems than we have produced in ours – both technological and social – by following the mechanical laws we assumed were natural… New knowledge…leads us back to ancient wisdom.  We are capable of regaining our reverence for life, of replacing the drive to conquer with the will to cooperate, of remaking our engineered institutions, including our corporations, into living systems.”
— Elisabet Sahtouris, The Biology of Globalization

Whole Systems

lightingAs is true in nature, VOLVOX, Inc., embraces whole systems, and from that perspective provides relevant responses, with specialized capabilities in:

– Real-time strategic planning for business success
– Adaptive leadership for turbulent times
– Forging sustainable agreements and resolutions
– Maturing team performance – exceeding previous models
– Facilitation of multiple stakeholders to unified purpose
– Change management – and management of changeability
– Enterprise communications strategy and operations